LANAP Gum Disease Treatment

LANAP is the only FDA-approved procedure proven to generate new attachment. In fact, 98% of all treated patients remain stable after three years. This is a great improvement over the retreatment rate of the “resection & suture,” method which has been reported as high as 95% re-treatment rate after five years.

Why Choose LANAP™?

Because of its less invasive nature, there are a number of noticeable advantages and benefits that LANAP at Regal Valley Dental Care offers over traditional surgery. For one thing, there is a much faster recovery time because most, if not all, damage to healthy tissue is proactively averted by through the use of more advanced, precision technology.

Because the FDA-approved LANAP laser procedure selectively removes diseased tissue, the height of the gums themselves around the teeth is much better preserved, and there is also much less post-operative stress to the mouth. Any minor pain that a patient may feel is almost always manageable without a prescription and can be treated with a variety of over the counter medications.

For many people as well, the aversion to surgery is motivated by time constraints as much as it is motivated by an aversion to pain. People with demanding jobs do not have hours and hours to spend in surgery and have to schedule time off weeks, if not months, in advance. Traditional dental surgery normally takes four 1-hour sessions with multiple visits for suture removal and checkups.

LANAP, on the other hand, takes only two, 2-hour sessions and two follow-up visits. This means more can be done with fewer days off, and typical recovery is almost always less than 24-hours, making an immediate return to work both possible and comfortable.